From home to temporary home with experience
Round the clock professional basic training

About my Foster carers

All Leicestershire Dogs foster carers are reliable and professional in their work they are passionate about rescue work and know how to represent Leicestershire Dogs by following instructions and applying management so as to not bring my organisation into disrepute.

100% dog lovers, 100% interaction with 100% love
Professional in field training by professionals
All dogs kep in beautiful, warm and friendly homes
You can expect you dog to be looked after in a lovely home in a beautiful environment with lovely gardens.We all work together as a team of professionals my carers are all 100% dog lovers.
We work as a team and communicate regularly
As professionals we all respect each other always
Leicestershiredogs Dogs only recuit professionals to foster and care for my dogs they don't make decisions without my ok hence why we have a good relationship and team work they show respect to my organisation and respect my terms and conditions and last but not least they have people's skills and know how to treat my clients.

 For more information call Phil Mcleod