What happens if I cant pay a re-homing fee?

Answer. If it's a small dog under 5 years old with no issues and  you are straight and honest with me I will ask for a donation you can afford

What happens if I hesitate to pay the re-homing fee/donate while you are waiting?

Answer, Give you another half hour or so then if I still don't receive the fee to complete the processing you will be issued with an application rejected notice 

Do you help re-home Bull breed dogs?

Answer, Now I do not take dogs in I will try and re-home anything except XL Bullies and American Bulldogs or any aggressive dogs

Do you do free dogs?

Answer. I don't take in dogs any more so so the answer is no as I wont have any dogs to give away free any more it is what it is what can we say? Hence why I don't take in dogs no more they are just too hard to re-home now but every of often I may have one.