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Q. What happens if we are not working and need to re-home our dog?

A. Now problem it's a free re-homing service to job seekers.

A. Why do Leicertershire Dogs charge a re-homing fee?

Q. Because I pay my foster carers to look after my dogs in their homes therefore funds has to be generated to enable me to be able to do this work as standard.

A. Why don't you keep a waiting list anymore?

Q. There's really no point as dogs are not as consistent as before by the time a dog come in most prospects have stopped looking.

A. How do I know if there's any dogs available?

Q. Simply go to Leicertershire Dogs website and check availability on a regular basis.

Q. Are you a registered charity?

A. There are two different types of charity if you earn less than £5,000 yearly you are exempt by the government from registering and classed as a no registered charity ant those who earn over that figure have to register by law.

Q. Do you give dogs back to clients who have changed their mind and want their dog back?

A. No not any more under no circumstances I used to but it's the sort of practice that bring a rescue into disrepute I've had to stamp out that practice.

Q. Do you take on Bull breeds?

If it has a sound temperament with no behavioural or aggression issues yes.

Q. You don't have kennels are you a proper rescue?

A. Last time I checked yes you could be living in a mud hut and still run a rescue it's not where you stay it's what you do.

Q. How do I go about re-homing my dog?

A. It's simple. Complete the online re-homing form, send me 2 x photos of your dog along with a video clip and once everything has been processed you will then be given the opportunity to speak to a foster care where you will then be asked to take it the foster home where it will be cared for in re-homed.

I hope this helped. If not sure about anything please feel free to call me an I will be happy to assist you in any way I can. Or you can leave a message via the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as I receive your message.