Q. Is Leicestershire Dogs charity registered?
A. No haven't been for years we are exempt from having to be registered. The government states if you make less than £5,000 a your you are classed as a small charity and don't need to be registered.

Q. How comes you are at the top of Google search in this locality? 

A. Because I worked hard to get there, im trust worthy, and have good 5 star reviews therefore Google has made Leicestershire Dogs top rated

Q. Why are dogs not as cheap as they used to be?

A. We have to embrace we are living in dangerous times KOVID-19 is a killer working through it is risky meeting strangers same for the breeders also people need to get out walking  to stay healthy hence the rise in dog prices.

Q. Is your re-homing service free? 

A. It was but I've changed my mind it's not making no difference to dogs coming in so its back to normal Leicestershire Dogs will charge to take in dogs fosters need to be paid and bills need to be paid. 

Q. Why have you deleted your business email from Leicestershire Dogs contact page? 

A. Because I was getting too much enquiries from people wanting dogs. It's back I changed my mind.

Q. Why have you deleted the members area?

A. I was bombarded with members applications I was totally overwhelmed.

Q. Why don't rescues refund adoption fees?

A. If every client was to be refunded their wouldn't be no rescues besides it's hard work having to re-home a dog all over again, foster carers need to be paid you just need to work with the adopted dog.