Foster/Volunteer application


All dogs in your care must have issues corrected in a humane way such as jumping up, snatching food from hands, aggression towards other pets, etc to increase there chance of being re-homed when vied by prospects


I would appreciate regular reports on how the dog is doing at least 2-3 times a week, how it is in general, whether it's responding to basic training, easy to handle or not and the home you think would be suitable or unsuitable, etc




Please note the terms and conditions below are open to flexibility and discussion. Therefore not rigid requirements.

All prospects must be prepared to be vetted by one of Leicestershire Dogs representative at some point.

  1. We would prefer prospects to have a secured garden area.

  2. We do not foster out dogs to anyone whom has been banned from keeping dogs or been convicted for animal cruelty.

  3. It would be welcomed if you would be prepared to travel to rescue a dog.

  4. All fosters must be prepared to, keep in touch and make regular contact with Leicestershire Dogs.

  5. All prospects must be prepared to submit references on request by Leicestershire Dogs

  6. All prospects must be over the age of 21, Reliable, Trustworthy, and have a professional approach.

  7. All prospects youngest child must be over the age of five years old'

  8. We do not foster out our dogs to households with any aggressive animals.

  9. All prospects must agree not to leave any dog for any long period of time.

  10. All prospects must have some basic knowledge of training and correcting a dog in a proper and humane manner. However, training can be given.

  11. All prospects must agree to operate and run their business in a professional manner and not bring Leicestershire Dogs in any disrepute.

  12. We do not negotiate adoption fees with foster carers, If you want to adopt one of our dogs the fee and procedure will be the same as a client whom wants to adopt a dog