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Emergency re-homing specialist


No adult Bull breeds taken on!!!

No aggressive animals sorry!

Leicestershire Dogs specialise in finding home for dogs in an emergency situation. Therefore haven't got the time for prospects who are not serious about re-homing their dogs.

All I as is do what you need to do before calling Leicertershire Dogs as we are not here to be taken advantage of for example talk to the family before calling for assistance in re-homing.

I run this outfit on my own and have done for ove two decades from website administrator, qualified trainer, professional behaviourist, foster management, re-homing management, managing director, operations manager everything to do with the re-homing program.

I haven't got the time to sit around for hours waiting for a prospect to work with me I ha other things to do in my life especially when you've been turned down by kennels and I'm sincerely trying to help.

Friendly polite service provided

We don't do time wasters!! 

Grateful and professional 😊

Grateful and professional 😊

Please read before contacting us

There are two types of clients

Yes there's two type of clients. A good client that work with you from start of the processing to finish. Show gratitude for helping them and leave a nice review.

Then you have the bad prospect. They have a dog you don't really want for whatever reason from old age to aggression issues but hey you still say yes you explain what's required from them then you find yourself waiting the whole day only to find out they are time wasters.

Then when you say something they say you are rude and write a bad review on Google although they've never used your service. Please do not call me unless you genuinely need my help I don't tolerate that kind of behaviour.

My time is precious to me too!!

Dont call me unless you are 100% genuine

Strictly good vibes only?