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One has to remember looking after a dog in general is hard work. Ones with special needs and disabilities is twice as hard and not  much different from looking after a kid with special needs/disability. It's very time consuming indeed.


Ten years ago I used to pay £20 a day for little dogs without special needs or disabilities to someone running a home boarding business for small dogs so I would say £25 a day for small dogs is more than fair.

Please note extra cost may be applied depending on your dogs needs/disability.

Re-homing costs/fees are as follow.

To take on a dog with normal behaviour is £40 one off re-homing fee.

If it has behavioural issues or aggression it's £80 one off re-homing fee.


Our mission is to provide a quality service not only to keep our clients happy but to ensure our four legged residents enjoy their stay at one of Leicestershire Dogs foster home and because the dogs welfare is paramount hence why we provide a premium re-homing service for vulnerable dogs needing homes.