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Re-homing terms & conditions

1. Once a dog is signed over to Leicestershire Dogs we become its guardian/owner we do not hand dogs back once it signed over so please make sure you really want to give up your dog.

2. Leicestershire Dogs do not take on sick animals needing veterinary attention.

3. Leicestershire Dogs do not take on dogs with major aggressive issues.

4. Leicestershire Dogs operate a donation based re-homing service subject to terms and conditions.

5. All dogs with major issues will only be taken on with a one off £80 re-homing fee.

6. Leicestershire Dogs do not take on dogs from puppy farms.

7. Leicestershire Dogs do not take on Pit bulls, Bull terriers or any banned breed.

8. Leicestershire Dogs do not tolerate bad attitude or prospects with trust issues

9. Leicestershire Dogs will not wait around for what is requested from a prospect to process the re-homing.

10. Leicestershire Dogs will not tolerate time wasters.

11. If your dog is not fully house trained we would expect to be told.

12. If you knowingly give Leicestershire Dogs wrong information about you dog Leicestershire Dogs have the right to return it.

13. Leicestershire Dogs do not take on stray animals.

14. If after taking on a dog we cant re-home it we have the right to give it up to no charge adoption.

15. Leicestershire Dogs may use third party advertisers to re-home a dog as a rescue.

16. Leicestershire Dogs only use dog loving foster homes not kennels.

17. Leicestershire Dogs do not take on fogs that's been involved in fighting.

18. Once you have signed a dog over to Leicestershire Dogs we have the right to decline giving it back and will not tolerate being harrased. Any malicious contact will be reported to the police.

19. Leicestershire Dogs expect all clients to practice safety distance and wear a mask when dropping off a dog.

20. Leicestershire Dogs do not re-home dogs that live inside to prospects with intent to let that dog live outside.
 21. Leicestershire Dogs do not give dogs that have signed over to be re-homed back to previous owner/s unless you are prepared to pay 90% of the adoption fee.

22. Leicestershire Dogs do not tolerate time wasters or prospects with trust issues.

23. Leicestershire Dogs do not take on dogs I've 8 years old.

24. Re-homing fee must be paid upfront as standard practice.

All donations go to support Leicestershire Dogs re-homing program please donate before we proceed. Thank you on behalf of our four legged friends.



Adoption terms & conditions

1. Adoption fees are non-refundable and is payable on the day of the adoption. This is not payment for the pet but to go towards funding to help other pets needing our help. Our Minimum donation is now (POA)

2. The need for insurance is essential as the rescue will not be held responsible for the vet's bills.

3. If the potential adopters want a dog to live outside, it can only be a dog that is already used to living outside. 4.

We do not re-home dogs to be used for guarding, breeding, or anything other than as a family pet.

5. We do not place dogs in a family home where they will be left for longer than 4 hours a day at any one time. 6. The new adopter must agree to have the pet either neutered or spayed within 3 months if the pet, for medical or age reasons has not been neutered or spayed yet.

7. New adopters must also agree that we can keep in touch for the rest of the pet's life. A follow-up visit may be arranged.

8. We do not normally re-home dogs to people who have 3 or more dogs.

9. If there are already dogs (or other pets of the same species as the adopted pet) they must be neutered or spayed.

10. If the new adopter already has a dog, I will only usually give them a dog of the opposite sex.

11. New adopters are not allowed to re-home the pet themselves; the pet must come back to LAMD

12. New adopters must advise me immediately of any change in circumstances which would mean that the pet are not getting the attention etc, that the pet deserves.

13. If everything goes well at the Home Check and you are able too, adopt a pet through me, you must be aware that you cannot at any time part with that pet for any reason, unless he/she comes back to LAMD

14. At the time of adoption, there is a donation expected to be paid for each pet. This goes towards the ever-growing vet and fostering costs and are not a payment for the dog, nor purchase of the adopted pet. This donation is non-refundable.

15. If a dog gets ill on you after adopting it being fit and healthy you will be responsible for vet fees as it left as a healthy dog

16. After a bad experience with the last client I had, we will no longer let any of our dogs go to households with kids under the age of 5 years old. as from 16/08/2019

17. Please note if you are to sell one of LAMD adopted dogs you will be prosecuted and made to pay compensation in a small claims court/.

18. Please note in terms of keeping in touch with the family the adopted dog came from that will no longer be allowed all updates will come from myself not from the previous owners as to avoid bringing LAMD in disrepute by discussing personal info such as adoption fees etc. 

19. Last but not least always research the breed before you adopt to prevent disappointment 

20. Proof of address must be provided. Personal identification must be provided.

21. You must be a working professional to adopt a dog from us.

22.. You must be a Home owner to adopt from us

23. You must be over 30 or over to fit our adoption criteria

24. If you are an x offender you cannot adopt from us


If you happen to be interested in adopting a dog which are being re-homed from home/online we would like to point out the adoption process will be slightly different, first and foremost you will need to complete and submit an on-line adoption form as standard, I will require 2 x professional references. Once I have received the adoption form I will establish if I can pay you a visit to at your premises to carry out a home check or video vetting. Once I am happy I will then proceed to let you visit the dog in its foster home. If the owners are happy with you/your family you should then contact me to pay the adoption fee via  bank transfer on the payment page which will go towards helping other pets in need. Once I have received the donation and it shows up on my system I will then give you the OK to go back and pick the dog up where you will be able to make arrangements to keep in touch.

Looking for a dog?

If you are looking for a new pet, please remember that there future health and happiness are in youre hands.‚Äč They will look too, you for love, care, and attention every day for many years too, come. Please be sure you can provide this. We can help! but first, we need you to help us too, help you by providing the information we require below

Neutering and castration information!

Please note not all the dogs we put up for adoption will be spayed/neutered due to lack of funds. However, Most are normally already done and some come to Micro chipped, Vaccinated, flea treated, and wormed. On the point of adoption, we will discuss ways of getting your new pet neutered/castrated, micro chipped, and vaccinated if required. All clients must agree to carry out doctoring on any adopted dogs that have not been done.

Adoption criteria

All potential adopters must have a secured garden, Must not have been banned from keeping animals, Must live in a house/first floor premises with secured yard or garden. Must have experience in caring for a dog, Must be willing too, be vetted, Must not have a dog that are aggressive to other pets, Must agree too bring the dog back to LAMD if things don't work out and need too re-home it, Must agree too our terms and conditions regarding neutering and castration.

Adopting a dog

  • We know moving can be stressful - and your new dog feels the same way! Give it time too, acclimate, your home, and family members before introducing it too strangers. Make sure children know how to approach the dog without overwhelming him. We highly recommenced all prospects watch our videos if you have kids an or other pets.
  • When you pick up your dog we will tell you when and what it was fed. Replicate that schedule for at least 2 days too,,, avoid gastric problems. If you wish to switch to a different brand, do so over a period of a week by adding one part new food to three parts of the old for several days; then switch to half new food, half old, and then 1 part old to three parts new.
  • On the way home, your dog should be safely secured, preferably in a crate. Some dogs find car trips stressful, so having him in a safe place will make the trip home easier on him and you.

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