Re-homing application                                              

This is how our system work!

1. we will send you a link to the online re-homing form which need to be completed.

2. Send us 2 x decent photos of your dog.

3. Send us a video clip of the dog on its feet/not lying still

4. The next bit is paying the re-homing fee

Once we receive what we've requested you will receive a call this is the bit where I connect you with the foster carer where your dog has been placed so you can have a banter and get a time and address to take your dog.

You cant just decide to make your way to the address on website or Google my business without instructions. you must work with us and follow instructions or things may go wrong or you may just be declined.

Please pay re-homing fee here to proceed.

Thank you on behalf of our four legged friends!

Re-home your dog here!
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