1. Once a dog is signed over to Leicestershire Dogs we become its guardian/owner

2. Leicestershire Dogs do not take on sick animals needing veterinary attention.

3. leicestershire Dogs do not take on dogs with major aggressive issues.

4. Leicestershire dogs operate a donation based re-homing service subject to terms and conditions.

5. All dogs with major issues will only be taken on with a one off £80 re-homing fee.

6. Leicestershire Dogs do not take on dogs from puppy farms.

7. Leicestershire Dogs do not take on Pit bulls or any banned breed.

8. Leicestershire Dogs do not tolerate bad attitude or prospects with trust issues

9. Leicestershire Dogs will not wait around for what is requested from a prospect to process the re-homing.

10. Leicestershire Dogs will not tolerate time wasters.

11. If your dog is not fully house trained we would expect to be told.

12. If you knowingly give Leicestershire Dogs wrong information about you dog Leicestershire Dogs have the right to return it.

13. Leicestershire Dogs do not take on stray animals.

14. If after taking on a dog we cant re-home it we have the right to give it up to no charge adoption.

15. Leicestershire Dogs may use third party advertisers to re-home a dog as a rescue.

16. Leicestershire Dogs only use dog loving foster home not kennels.

17. Leicestershire Dogs do not take on dogs that's been involved in fighting.

18. If you want a dog back aft signing it over to Leicestershire Dogs we have the right to decline if Leicestershire Dogs decided to give t back as a good will gesture there will be costs.

19. Leicestershire Dogs expect all clients to practice safety distance and wear a mask when dropping off a dog.

20. Leicestershire do not re-home dogs that live inside to prospects with intent to let that dog live outside.
 21. Leicestershire Dogs do not give dogs that have signed over to be re-homed back to previous owner/s unless you are prepared to pay 90% of the adoption fee.

All donations go to support Leicestershire Dogs re-homing program please donate before we proceed. Thank you on behalf of our four legged friends.