I believe no healthy dog should ever be destroyed unless it has major aggression issues and it's a dangerous dog, I believe they should be kept as safe and comfortable as possible in your home while awaiting a new home., I believe in reducing stress to any dog in care.

Why choose Leicestershire Dogs UK'S # 1?

  • I'm not only a rescue of 25 years i'm a qualified dog trainer/behaviorist of 40 years
  • Professional provider of help and support in re-homing, adoption and more
  • I can help you re-home your dog from your home and give you maximum support
  • You don't need to advertise your dog I will put it on my website and do all the necessary work/admin  
  • All you need to do is provide info on your dog, send me a video and photos and i'll take it from there
  • I will never ask you to leave a gift in your will which seems to be the trend now
  • Leicestershire Dogs rely on your donations to keep on helping dogs in need
  • Leicestershire Dogs only allow the proper decent polite folk to adopt a dog
  • Leicestershire Dogs is a 100% non profit organisation and always will be